How to Cope when a Loved One goes to Jail

As long as I can still see your face on the moon

As long as I can still hear your voice

among the waves,

among the foam

As longs as I have to, I will switch among radio stations

So I can find every song that speaks

about you,

about you,

about you 

My father was arrested by Guatemalan authorities early Tuesday October 27th 2015 and remained in preventive prison for 108 days. He was granted bail February 11th 2016 until the trial comes to an end. The idea of this new Guatemala flourishing and the newest hope of a new country with CICIG (International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala) leading a revolutionary movement crumbled in my head as I saw this new side where innocents were falsely paying for others mistakes.

Out of those 108 days, I was able to visit my dad in prison only for 34 days; it was an unexpected experience that changed me. It took weeks to accept the new situation in my family and the distance I had from them.

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