Proximity to the Ocean, 2019. Tinted acrylic, crystals, silver wire.
Ground, 2023. 6"x9" Giclée print.
Inmovilización Etérea, 2018. 22"x34" Cyanotype on watercolor paper.
Tierra Sagrada, 2018. 45"x60" Cyanotype on cotton.
Right There I Told You #2, 2019. 1"x30" Cyanotype on handmade paper.
We Already See These Things (Canción de cuna y rayos de sol), 2018. 8"x12" Gelatin silver print.
Right There I Told You, 2019. 20"x30" Cyanotype on handmade paper.
De acá y de allá, 2018. Installation.
As it Begins, 2019. 24"x36" Giclée print.
Early, 2018. 10"x15" Gelatin silver print.
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